We may change form.

Forsake past frames in our eternal transformation.

But at our very core-

We are forever the same.


nanoklik = 1/8 second;
klik = 496 nanokliks/62 seconds;
breem = 8 kliks/8.27 minutes;
groon = 9 breem/1.24 hours;
joor = 6 groon/7.44 hours;
orn = 42 joor/13.02 days;
decaorn = 32 orns/1.14 years;
metacycle = 8 decaorn/9.22 years;
vorn = 9 metacycles/72…

Linkin Park - Waiting For The End

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when ur excited about something ur friends aren’t 



I kind of love the idea of Steve being bi. Like, when he was younger, he’d see a guy and think he was good looking, but he’d just stamp that down or chalk it up to being an artist and finding beauty in everything. Then he meets Peggy and he really likes her so he thinks of…


lydia going through allison’s stuff (◡‿◡✿)

lydia finding a bucket list that’s only half crossed off (◕‿◕✿)

lydia deciding to finish the bucket list for allison (ノ*゜▽゜*)

lydia arriving at the point “getting a matching tattoo with lydia” and going to the tattoo artist and…


Teapot dance. Totally worth the month I spent on this.


Here’s a Flash version, if the .gif quality bugs you.


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do u ever look at girls and just sigh because you’re really gay like really fucking gay

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